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Power Battery Doctor (Saver)

Разработчик S.T.A.R Inc.

Power Battery Doctor (Saver)Best Android Apps That Saves and Improve Battery Life.This powerful little smartphone is capable of performing so many tasks, that we forget that its not plugged into a wall socket like our PCs and laptops, so were shocked how fast the battery life is sucked right out of it. it is best cell phone battery saver app
Power Battery Doctor App has a special battery saving mode option. This mode will extend battery life when device is switched on.Power Battery Doctor (Saver) generates “Power Memory Boost” icon on your menu screen apart from Power Battery Saver Plus icon. This button helps you to kill unwanted process in one click and make your phone faster. It releases RAM from your devices by killing unwanted processes.Power battery saver app is the best battery saving app. contains some features related to du battery saver. when using you found this easy battery saver
App Features: -Battery Life Saving Modes -Power Memory Boost quickly access menu and saves battery smartly -Power Memory Boost - Kill Task and releases RAM in one button click -Battery charge/discharge graph to observe battery usage -Battery details shows complete details of your battery -Charging information shows complete charging methods efficiently -Very easy and user attractive interface -Support battery saver widgets -Supports All screen resolutions of mobiles and tablets.
Let us find out the apps that are appropriate for saving or improving the battery life of your Android device.Here are a couple of configurations you can implement that will significantly extend the life of your battery.
1) The first thing to do is to check which app is killing your battery power the most. Go to Settings -> About Phone -> Battery, to check which app is using your battery by percentage. Here you can detect the app which is draining out your battery the most. Most of the time the biggest problem is caused by the backlight display. Go to Settings -> Display -> Brightness and reduce the brightness so that you can see the screen comfortably without draining out a lot of battery power.
2) Set the screen timeout with shortest interval. Go to Settings » Sound & display » Screen timeout and set the timeout with the shortest interval. This will make the phone display turn off itself automatically when you are not using it.
3) Turn off Wi-Fi when not needed or in a location where Wi-Fi connection is not available. When you turn your Wi-Fi on and go away from home it goes on scanning for Wi-Fi connections and drain out a lot of battery power.Go to Settings » Wireless controls » WiFi to turn Wi-Fi off when you are away from home or a location where Wi-Fi connection is not available.
4) Turn off Bluetooth when not needed. Like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is another feature that you must turn off when not needed in order to save battery usage by going to Settings -> Wireless & networks-> Bluetooth.
5) Turn off GPS. Your phones GPS receivers go on transmitting your location data to the nearest satellite receivers. So if you are at home and dont need your location data to be updated constantly, then turn off your GPS. Go to Settings » Security & location » Enable GPS satellites and turn off your GPS.
6) Turn off account sync features when not needed. Some apps like Facebook, Gmail constantly sync your phone with Facebook or Google servers to get the latest updates automatically. Turn off this syncing feature by choosing Settings-> Accounts and Sync and turn off Auto-Sync when not needed.
7) Turn off Vibration. Go to Settings » Sound & display » Phone vibration and turn off vibration.
8) Disable Animated Wallpaper. Animated wall papers use a lot of battery power so disabling them will help to maximize battery life.
Give us your feedback and tell us what more modification you need.